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Sub-committee Meeting Brings Encouragement and Compromise- Friday, March 16, 2012

The subcommittee meeting met on March 14th at the Phoenix building in downtown Lexington.  Several folks showed up including representatives from Hardwood Pizza Company, Mark Jensen Catering, Cullen's Carts and Cluckin Burger for the food trucks and the usual representatives from our host at the Downtown Lexington Corporation.  Oddly no one came to the meeting to represent the bricks and mortar restaurants.  After a frustrating Itinerant Merchant Task Force meeting, we didn't really know what to expect from our first subcommittee meeting we've seen in person.  As it turns out some great ideas were presented that will hopefully provide workable solutions that satisfy the restaurant owners, neighborhood residents and food truck operators.

Some of the ideas being discussed include possibly updating the pilot program with the following:

  • Eliminate the zones in favor of a corridor running approximately between Vine St to Short St and Felix St to Eastern Ave
  • Increase the distance between food trucks and "like" businesses from 150 to 200 feet
  • Reduce operating hours for food trucks to 10PM to 4AM

Everyone left the meeting with a feeling of hopefulness that a workable solution can be found and is in our very near future.

Food trucks forever!

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