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Food Truck Work Group Moving Forward

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Food Truck Work Group bravely led by Council member Shevawn Akers is making progress for food trucks in Fayette county, but still struggling to level the playing field.  Several council members on the work group wanted the entire ordinance to move forward, but Gene Williams from Natasha's Cafe, Renee Jackson with the Downtown Lexington Corporation and Lori Houlihan the LFUCG Special Events Liasion disagreed forcing a motion to only allow the first half of the proposed ordinance to move forward.

What changed?

The Food TruckWork Group agreed to move regulations forward that will reduce the regulatorY burdens currently hindering food trucks in Fayette county.  Private property owners will obtain a Zoning Compliance permit that is valid for two years allowing food trucks to operate on their property.  Food truck owners must register with the Division of Revenue, but will not be required to register every address where they operate.

What didn't change?

Food trucks are still not permitted to use public property, are not required to provide recycling receptacles and will not be able to use any Parks and Recreation land without a Special Events permit issued by the Mayor's office.

Is this good or bad for food trucks?

Both.  Moving forward is good in that our staff will not be spending over 3 hours in government buildings for every address where they set up.  It's bad in that it continues to allow restaurants to use public property for sidewalk cafes, deliveries and signage while conintuing to deny food truck operators the same privileges.

What happens next?

Shevawn Akers will present to the Council Committee of the Whole Economic Development on February 19th at 11 AM.  If the committee approves the ordinance, it will move to the City Council for a vote on February 28th at 6 PM.

How can I help?

BE ACTIVE!  The food trucks deserve the same rights to serve the public as restaurants do.  We have to ensure our voices are heard by our government representatives.  You can do that by:


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