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Since food truckers don't have quiet, dark rooms where they can smoke cigars and buy dinners for influential people in town, the BFTA has a clear ambition to bring this fight to the public and let the market decide our fate rather than some wheeler dealers and politicians. Here you can find all the articles we can find that mention our cause, organization and struggle.  If you know of one we don't have, by all means CONTACT US and we'll get it on here ASAP!

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Chevy Chaser

Still Truckin'

As a new ordinance could change the way food trucks work, meet some of the city’s mobile chefs

28 Feb 13
Ace Weekly

Lexington's Food Trucks Make It to Economic Development Committee

Today, recommendations from Lexington’s new Food Truck Work Group, recently appointed by Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, made it as far as the Economic Development Committee at Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.

19 Feb 13
Ace Weekly

Lexington Vice Mayor Forms New Food Truck Work Group

 Vice Mayor Linda Gorton has formed a working group to address food truck issues and regulations.

2 Feb 13

Work Group Loosening Restrictions on food trucks in Lexington

After a meeting Thursday of a work group set up to streamline the permitting and licensing of mobile food trucks, Sean Tibbetts, director of the Blue Grass Food Truck Association, said he was encouraged by the proposed changes.

7 Feb 13
Lane Report

Food Trucks Serving Up Selection in Downtown Lexington

Lexington’s food scene is expanding into small places. Street corners and sidewalks are being overtaken by mobile kitchens – food trucks – that come in all shapes, sizes and types.

18 Jan 13

Food Truck debate continues in Lexington

Members of the Bluegrass Food Truck Association, downtown restaurant owners, and a city council member all took part in the discussion that was part of The Lexington Forum's panel.

7 Jun 12
Ace Weekly

What Lexington Needs:  Food Trucks

 “When food trucks are embraced by their local economies, they can be used to help increase foot traffic anywhere they go. Food trucks not only generate jobs for their employees and suppliers, but also help to increase sales in existing retail shops and introduce customers to shops and neighborhoods they might never have ventured into before without chasing down their favorite truck.”

9 May 12

Letters to the Editor May 6

Contemporary food trucks are not the county-fair funnel-cake purveyors of yore. Most offer affordable, nutritious and inventive food. Because of their mobility, they might provide a nice lunchtime surprise, can help meet the needs of special events anywhere in the city, and even cut down on drunken driving by providing a late-night food option.

6 May 12

Food truck vendors share petition with city, meet with frustration

The Blue Grass Food Blast, Lexington's food-truck extravaganza on Main Street across from Thoroughbred Park on Friday and Saturday, was a roaring success, organizers said. Vendors sold out of food on both days, and an estimated 1,300 participants attended.

That run of success came to a halt Monday at the city's Itinerant Merchant Task Force meeting, where representatives of city government, social agencies, brick-and-mortar restaurants and mobile food servers met for more than 90 minutes without advancing a plan to give the food trucks a set of allowed locations, rules and fees governing their operation.

30 Apr 12
WKYT A battle brewing over eating downtown They're afraid we're going to take business away from them which is not going to be the case," explains Free the Food Truck Movement lead organizer Jason Cullen. "One of our goals is to build Lexington up, the more offerings that downtown ... 28 Apr 12
WDKY Vendors push for food truck ordinance in Lexington FOX 56 Lexington :: Newsroom - Top Stories - Vendors Push for Food Truck Ordinance in Lexington - There's a battle brewing over eating downtown. Food truck ... 28 Apr 12
Topix Food truck gathering cooks up crowds to support mobile food vendors The Blue Grass Food Blast, a group of food trucks and food-truck supporters, converged on a vacant lot at Main and Vine Streets on Friday to urge the city to ... 28 Apr 12
Herald-Leader Bluegrass Food Blast Customers visited the food trucks on Friday, April 27, 2012 at a lot between Vine St. and Main St. in Lexington, Ky. This was the Bluegrass Food Blast, an event ... 27 Apr 12
WEKU Food blast hopes to gain local support By Josh James, Kentucky Public Radio Vendors eager to bring the mobile food truck trend to Lexington are taking over one downtown parking lot this weekend to show off their menus and gather support for their businesses. But a number of regulatory ... 27 Apr 12
Herald-Leader Food truck gathering cooks up crowds to support mobile food vendors Can you smell what Lexington's food truck consortium is cooking? ... Can you smell what Lexington's food truck consortium is cooking ... 27 Apr 12
Southsider Magazine Making room for food trucks by Mark Sievers Lexington, KY - One of Lexington's more interesting foodservice developments in recent years is the emergence of food trucks as a new food purchase option for consumers. A food truck (or mobile food vehicle) is essentially a mobile ... 21 Apr 12
Ace Weekly Lexington Food Trucks at Bluegrass Food Blast April 27 Food trucks have been a hot topic in Lexington since long before a Task Force was formed a year ago (April 20, 2011) to work on the issue. 16 Apr 12
ProgressLex Update on food trucks update on food trucks in Lexington 30 Mar 12
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