About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Bluegrass Food Truck Association is a registered non-profit Association in the state of Kentucky with members representing several food truck owners, prospective owners and general food truck supporters.

What We Do

The Bluegrass Food Truck Association exists to unite the food trucks and other food vendors in Fayette county as a unified presence in local government.

The Bluegrass Food Truck Association provides a voice and avenue for discussion, expansion, and support of the mobile commissary business model in and around Central Kentucky.

We are currently working to unite the food trucks, push carts, fixed carts and other food vendors trying to operate in Fayette county. Through organization and a unified presence in local government we can make our voices heard.

When Do We Meet

The BFTA meets on a regular basis to ensure continuous progress on identified objectives.  All meetings are open to the public and are announced on our Facebook Events Page.

Why Did We Form

The BFTA was formed to address a perceived lack of organization amongst local food truck owners and operators.  Sean and Amanda Tibbetts reached out to several owners that had been actively involved in the Itinerant Merchant Task Force and asked if they would be interested in coming together.  Everyone they contacted was excited and ready to get involved.  

How We Do What We Do

Politically, we work to maintain a strong presence in both the Itinerant Merchant Task Force meetings and any subcommittee meetings.  We are working to get a representative from the BFTA on the Task Force.

Socially we maintain several online presences including our website, Facebook fan page, twitter feed and Pinterest boards.  We have reached out to several local media outlets including tv, radio, news papers, magazines and online resources to provide a public platform of discussion for the issues facing our members.